Unlimited Wireless Internet in Rural Areas

How to Get Unlimited Wireless Internet in Rural Areas

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Are you living in the beautiful rural area in Ohio, Wyoming, Minnesota, or any other state? That’s awesome! You can enjoy stunning landscapes or cozy streets of your town or village.

Yet, we know about one problem you might experience. And that’s the Internet.

19.3% of the total U.S. population lives in rural areas, according to Wikipedia. And many of them (including you) may have trouble getting a fast and properly working Internet connection. That’s because the Internet provided via voiceband has an extremely poor quality.

And we understand your pain.

It’s really hard to imagine someone not using the Internet in the 21 century. No matter what age or occupation you are, we believe that you deserve to have access to fast and affordable Internet.

And Yellow Jacket Broadband is here to help you access unlimited wireless Internet in your rural area.

How do you get Internet in your rural area?

There are various options available to get an Internet connection in rural areas.

  • Voiceband Internet,
  • Wireless Internet,
  • Satellite Internet.

Well, the voiceband Internet is already obsolete. Moreover, you might have no landlines for the Internet in your area. That leaves you with the two options – Wireless and Satellite connection.

Today, we’d like to tell you how to get Internet access with the help of a WiFi hotspot.

What is unlimited wireless Internet, and how to get it?

Basically, wireless communication allows wireless networking between various devices (laptops, cell phones, desktops, etc.).

Unlike broadband Internet (that is home-based), the wireless connection can allow you the best download and upload speeds available. And, in general, the wireless Internet can allow you the biggest freedom possible.

Normally, three kinds of wireless Internet are distinguished:

  • Fixed wireless broadband,
  • Mobile broadband wireless,
  • Wireless Internet.

Anyway, the main perk of wireless communication is that you don’t need to have landlines in your area to establish an Internet connection.

You can now enjoy watching your favorite shows, chatting with your friends, uploading your videos without a fuss. All is thanks to Yellow Jacket Broadband’s advanced technologies.

Getting Internet in the rural area you live is super easy.

  1. Go to the https://yellowjacketbroadband.com/,
  2. Choose the desired state (you can find the list of states at the bottom on the homepage),
  3. On the next page, click the “Get a free quote” button.
  4. Then fill in your data, and the manager will connect with you shortly to discuss the details.

Or you can get a cost-free consultation by typing your zip code in the special search box. You can find it over the list of the states.


Accessing the Internet in the countryside is not a problem anymore. Forget about outdated cables, low-speed or interrupted connection, and other difficulties you might have experienced.

Thanks to the solutions from providers like Yellow Broadband, you can always stay connected. Access to unlimited high-speed Internet shouldn’t be a privilege in the 21 century. It’s the norm every rural area inhabitant should have access to. And our goal is to make the Internet accessible for everyone.

Stay connected. Always.